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Following a recent canvass in Allendale,  I met with many people who were deeply frustrated with the lack of traction when it came resolving the issue of badly damaged ramps.

Many also commented on the fact that their cars are being constantly damaged by the ramps, resulting in costly repairs.

I commend the efforts residents have made in trying to resolve this issue and understand their frustration with hitting a brick wall each and every time.

I have spoken at length to Fingal County Council operations dept. and they are steadfast in their position that they will not take ALLENDALE into charge until all the remedial work has been completed by Menolly Homes.

I had suggested taking a legal action in the small claims court to try to push this case forward and also agreed to pay the small sum required to take an action in the court.

It was interesting that others were also thinking along those lines. I’m delighted that local resident, Brian Quinn has taken up the challenge and has submitted the papers to the court. It is hoped that this action will be successful and will lead to Menolly homes taking the required action to finally complete this estate and allow the council to take it in charge and give the residents the status that the vast majority of other estates enjoy.

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I am asking all Allendale residents to please keep any receipts of damage to your cars steering, suspension etc over the past years. If this case is successful you would also be in a position to claim back damages.

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