Budget 2014 “an attack on the most vulnerable in society”

Castleknock Sinn Féin Representative Natalie Treacy has called Budget 2014 “an attack on the most vulnerable in society”. Budget 2014 made cuts to the Jobseekers allowance for under 25s, and cuts in allowances to elderly pensioners, including cuts to the telephone allowance.Speaking about the cuts to the telephone allowance Natalie Treacy said; “Elderly people are the pillars of Irish society. They have spent their lives working and paying taxes, they should not have to worry about being able to afford the telephone bill at the end of the month. As a country we should be trying to ease the burden on the most vulnerable in our society, not increase it and for that Fine Gael and Labour should be ashamed of themselves”.

Speaking on the cuts in Jobseekers allowance for under 25s to €144, Natalie Treacy was outraged; “Young people are the future of this country, in my own constituency, in areas like Fortlawn, Whitestown and Sheepmoor, there are huge amounts of young people unemployed and it is not their fault, there just isn’t any jobs for them. Instead of creating jobs, the government are giving our young people no option but to leave for Australia, Canada and America. It is a sad day for many families in my own area and right across the country knowing that we will have to wave goodbye to more of our young people as they emigrate in search of a future that this government has failed to give them. As the local Sinn Féin Rep I will be encouraging families to read Sinn Féins’ alternative budget and show people that there is a different way, a fairer way”.



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