Community shocked at needle find on local green in Dromheath

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has expressed his shock at the finding of needles by Fingal County Council workers on a local green space in Dromheath.

Mr Donnelly said “I am shocked and saddened that people would leave used needles on a green in the local community in Dromheath. I also understand that needles were also found recently in Castlecurragh. As a member of the local Drugs Task force and a board member of the ADAPT community drugs team I would urge parents to make their children aware of the dangers of picking up needles or syringes and to report them to an adult immediately.

“I have spoken to several people in the community and they are shocked and angry that someone would put their children in danger by dumping them so carelessly. There are needle exchanges available in the community and I would urge any drug users to please utilise them.

“I am fearful though that this will become a more regular feature as our drug services are put under more pressure due to six years of savage cuts. It may get to the stage whereby needle exchange will not exist in Dublin 15 if the cuts are not reversed. That would  result in a devastating reversal of services.

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