There is an open community Safety Forum this evening organised by the Safer Blanchardstown Forum, Wednesday 18th September in Corduff Resource Centre at 7pm. All residents welcome.

“This is an opportunity for residents of Corduff and the surrounding community to voice their concerns about community safety. We have had a number of significant incidents of criminal and anti social behaviour in the area recently and the community need to know what the response will be from the authorities.

It is also an opportunity for the authorities to present to the community what actions have been taken from the last meeting to concerns raised by the community.

“I will be raising several issues on behalf of members of the community including a very poor Garda repsonse to a major incident in Corduff Park and Grove, Ongoing safety issues in the Tolka Valley, Road traffic calming measures along the Blackcourt road at Westway, dangerous pathways and kissing gates along old Corduff lane and parking issues in Corduff Park and Grove.

“I look forward to a positive meeting where the communities issues are addressed in a timely manner. PD Gazette

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