Council Housing in Corduff Park and Grove must be prioritised for Insulation and Energy Efficiency Works

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has called on Fingal County Council to ensure that the funding announced for insulation and energy efficiency works must be prioritised for homes in Corduff Park and Grove.

Mr Donnelly said “I have been in many homes throughout Dublin West that are experiencing huge problems with poor quality windows and insulation. The effects on people are huge with increased heating bills, dampness, loss of heat and detrimental effects on their health. In some cases it is preventing people from recovering as quickly as they should from certain illnesses”.

“I received many representations from residents in Corduff Park and Grove in particular, regarding the poor condition of their windows and the effects of poor insulation. They are very frustrated that many of them have been calling for years for work to be done but to no avail, despite living in Corduff for over 30 years”.

“I welcome the initiative to provide funding even though it will only barley make a dent in the problem and I am calling on Fingal County Council to immediately draft a plan to include Corduff Park and Grove”.

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