Cut to water supply in Dublin is unacceptable

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has said that the cuts to Dublin Water supply each night between the hours of 8pm to 7am for the foreseeable future are totally unacceptable.

Mr Donnelly said “I am genuinely shocked that a city the size of Dublin could have its water supplies cut off for nearly 12 hours each night for the foreseeable future. The people of Dublin and the surrounding areas affected need to know exactly what is causing this serious problem and any measures they will take to ameliorate the problems caused by the shutdown.  Their statement is just not good enough and is very hazy on details.

“It is generally agreed by all sides that the water pipe infrastructure is in dire need of investment and is leaking as much as 40% of the total output and yet this government has insisted on following in Fianna Fáil’s footsteps and ploughed ahead with putting in metering that will cost of hundreds of millions instead of tackling the real problem.

It is ironic that whilst we suffer from massive cuts to our water supplies, in Littlepace and Clonee,  millions of Euro are to be poured in to metering to force people to pay again and again for their water supply, firstly thorough their general taxation, secondly through the new water tax and thirdly through the pillaging of the national pension reserve fund. The priorities of this government need to focus on dealing with the leaking pipes and poor infrastructure and not on putting the blame for water wastage on to an already heavily burdened people.

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