PAUL-NEWSCllr Paul Donnelly has moved a motion to put the closure of the right of way at Inglewood to a local area meeting to be held on the 26th November.

 Cllr Donnnelly said “I had made a commitment to the residents of Inglewood that I would follow up this matter as soon as possible despite attempts by Fianna Fáil Cllr Jack Chambers to mis-represent my concerns in relation to his original motion.

I and the other 6 councillors who voted against the original proposal, had not been contacted prior to the meeting in relation to the closure, we all felt that it would not be appropriate to vote in favour of the motion in those circumstances.

Despite the majority of councillors asking Cllr Chambers to defer the motion for further consultation he insisted on proceeding, thereby losing the support of the majority of the council.

I delivered a leaflet to every door in both Inglewood and Lohunda Park after that meeting to ensure that all residents were aware of the proposal and to ensure as much consultation and feedback as possible.

I received several phone calls and one email in support of the closure and no calls or emails opposing the closure. I did receive one phone call and I personally met with one resident opposing a proposal to move the entrance to another location along the road.

I am satisfied that having informed all the residents in Inglewood and Lohunda and having spoken to residents in both areas that this motion should now proceed and be put out onto public display.

I have therefore put the following motion forward for our next area meeting in the coming weeks.

If this motion is passed, it will go out on public display and every resident can then formally have their say whether it remains open or it closes.

Castleknock/Mulhuhddart Services A meeting

26th November 2015


Councillor P. Donnelly -Closure of Right of Way at Ingelwood road and Shelerin road

That the Chief Executive moves forward with the proposal to put the closure of the public right of way at Inglewood avenue and Shelerin road onto public display and allow the community an opportunity to make representations.

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