PAUL-NEWSDublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly has welcomed the planning application for a new clubhouse for Castleknock GAA club

Cllr Donnelly said “I warmly welcome the planning application and support the club in the next phase of their development”.

“Although a staunch St Peregrine’s man, I have also had a Castleknock GAA interest for many years. Not many would know that I cut my teeth in GAA juvenile coaching when the club was known as Castleknock St Thomas GAA club back in it’s formative years. I spent two seasons there with the under 8/9′s”.

“I was very impressed with the set up then and the professionalism of the club and indeed the success off the pitch is only matched by their success on the pitch”.

“I wish them well into the future and hope that the clubhouse is developed as quickly as possible so that this club can further cement the presence of GAA within its catchment area.

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