Drug Dealing Debt Intimidation Support for Families Available

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has welcomed the initiative taken by the local Blanchardstown Family Support Network to hold a training seminar for frontline workers in the Dublin West community on supporting families who are dealing with drug debts and intimidation.

Mr Donnelly said “I have dealt with several parents who are subject to threats and intimation from drug dealers over the debts incurred by their children. It is very disturbing to hear of the type of threats made to families who are subjected to terrifying ordeals.

“I was therefore delighted to be able to attend a day long training seminar in Huntstown Community Centre on Friday, organised by the local Family Support Network and facilitated by the National Family Support network.

“There is no doubt that this is a small but growing problem with some families forced to pay out thousands of euro to drug dealers due to threats and intimidation. However there are pathways for support now available, provided by the local family support network and the Gardaí who have provided a senior inspector to deal with individual cases and meet with families to provide advice and support.

“I am urging anyone who is currently facing threats and intimidation from drug dealers to contact your local community drug support team, family support network or the Gardaí and break the silence and get support. It will always be each families decision what to do in the final instance but families who have got support to date have found it to be extremely helpful.

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