Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has expressed his anger at the closure of the Greater BlanchApril 2014 003ardstown Response to Drugs (GBRD) project.


Speaking from his constituency this evening, Mr. Donnelly said “I am shocked and angry at the recently announced closure of GBRD towards the end of May. This is a project that is 22 years in existence, firstly as a voluntary group of individuals who were forced into action due to the dearth of supports, education and prevention initiatives in the Dublin West community and laterly over the past ten years as a funded project that initiated very successful education programmes such as the addiction studies course, and also the massively successful media awards that enabled young and not so young people to engage in a very valuable discourse about drug use in the community.”


“As a long time board member and twice chairperson of ADAPT drug and alcohol service and the Local Drugs Task Force, I am acutely aware of the massive issue funding is for all the projects that provide services in our community, many of them including our own have been stripped down to the bone. There is nothing left to cut.”


“We have been predicting such a scenario as has befallen GBRD for several years and my fears are that this is not the end. I am appealing to the community to challenge every local and EU election candidate who may knock on their door or whom they may meet in the community to support in a very specific way drugs services in our community.”


“It is proven beyond doubt that community based projects work in supporting problematic drug users to become drug free and start to rebuild their lives. The cost of this short term decision will result in massive long term financial and societal costs to our communities and their families.”

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