Dumping of rubbish in Lohunda and Whitechapel is unacceptable

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Natalie Tracey has said that the dumping of several bags of rubbish along the road adjacent the football pitches in Lohunda and Whitechapel as totally unacceptable.


Ms Tracey said “I was disappointed to see that several bags of household rubbish was just dumped along the road. It was then strewn around the path and roadway by dogs and birds causing the place to look very dirty.

“I am appealing to local residents to please report anyone they see dumping and damaging our community. The local residents recently won a tidy estate award and along with Lohunda residents have put in a lot of work cutting the grass areas, planting shribs and plants and cleaning up to road signs.

“To those who have dumped the rubbish, I am also appealing to them to stop and think of the effect it is having on our community. Lohunda whitechapel rubbish

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