Edmond Lukusa

Cllr. Edmond Lukusa

COUNCILLOR EDMOND LUKUSA has lived with his wife Jeanne and two young children in Mulhuddart for the past eight years. His other seven children are grown up and some have married. He was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and he moved to Ireland in 2001. He currently serves in a voluntary capacity as President of the Congolese Consortium of Ireland. Through this body he liaises regularly with the Gardaí and other statutory organisations to ensure the safety and welfare of his community and to assist with integration.

Edmond joined Sinn Féin in Dublin in 2007 after he became an Irish citizen. Prior to joining Sinn Féin, he was a member of the Union for Democracy & Social Progress who were against the ruling power in the DRC. He went on to become Deputy Representative of UDPS here in Ireland.

Edmond is also actively involved in a local Racism/Integration Issues Forum as a community representative. If elected to Fingal County Council, he will advocate and campaign for the entire community in Dublin 15 to ensure they receive the very best levels of representation.


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