Extra M50 Toll Unacceptable

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has criticised the proposal from the NRA to increase tolls on the M50.

Mr Donnelly said “I totally oppose any proposal by the NRA to increase the number of tolling points along the M50 that would potentially increase costs by up to €6.50 per use”.

“I have used the N3 and M50 virtually every weekday for the past thirteen years as I commute to Coolock to my work. It’s bad enough for the ordinary worker to have to pay increased tax, insurance, petrol and maintenance costs without the further burden of more tolls. The thousands of people who use the M50 already pay through massive car taxes for our roads and yet we are asked to pay again and again for the same infrastructure”.

“I welcome Minister Varadkar’s rejection of the proposed new tolls but I believe all those who regularly use the M50 should contact Minister Vardakar to ensure their opposition is also noted in the strongest possible terms”.

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