Housing Crisis Must be Tackled


Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has said at a local area meeting that the housing crisis is one of the biggest issues facing our community in the coming months and years. There is a massive problem of an ever diminishing housing stock. We have social housing schemes such as the RAS that are not effective long term solutions and are creating problems for the council and tenants as these leases come to an end or where tenants have “issues” with the owners of the homes. We have hundreds of millions being spent on  private rented accommodation and yet thousands languish on social housing waiting lists for over 8 years. This must end.


Many people on the housing list in Fingal are anxiously waiting for news of “where they are on the list” due to the recent housing needs assessment process, yet for the vast majority the publication of their position will not make on jot of difference in terms of access to housing for many years to come. We must develop a comprehensive housing strategy that will look at every aspect of the provision of housing needs including those who have distressed mortgages.


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