Housing crisis to worsen following budget cut

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has said that the housing crisis will worsen even further due to another 10%cut on top of last years 15% cut in housing funding.

 Mr Donnelly said “I am dismayed to see that the Fine Gael and Labour government have again cut the housing budget by another 10%. We have had nothing but spin from this government who like three card tricksters are moving an ever decreasing amount of money allocated to housing around trying to make it look like they are doing something positive.

“The government since taking office has successively cut spending on housing. The development of new housing has ground to a virtual halt, Rent Supplement has been cut and RAS accommodation is getting harder to find as rents rise due to shortage.

As a public representative and a member of the housing forum in Fingal County council, I am dealing with an ever increasing amount of housing crisis cases. I know of families who have been broken up as they cannot find affordable rented accommodation in Dublin 15, of young families and senior citizens who are waiting over 6 years for social housing with no prospect of the allocation of housing for another 2 at least. There is a massive shortage of 1,2,4 bedroom social housing units with no prospect of that changing any time soon.


“The length of time to re-let a boarded up house is getting longer and longer leading to anger and frustration from those on the housing list and those who live beside unoccupied houses.

“Housing needs real investment. It has been cut by 1 billion euro in the last 5 years. There are currently about 9,700 people on the social housing waiting list in Fingal, this is a shocking statistic.

“The massive shortage in affordable, appropriate housing will not be solved with empty rhetoric or headline grabbing gimmicks which do nothing for the people who are suffering in overcrowded, unsafe and insecure housing every day.  Sinn Féin have committed to ensuring that properties are moved from NAMA to local authorities in a much speedier fashion and that their is real investment in social housing.


  1. Sarah-Jane Shepherd says:

    Sick of hearing bad news about d15 I live in the area Nd need to find some were else to live as of

    • Hi Sara Jane, I understand that there seems to be a lot of bad news however it still is a great place to live. We are no different to any other large town with a population of over 100,000 people.
      It is a very safe place to live and we have so many community facilities on on our doorstep that many other communities would wish for.
      However we must continue to campaign for better services as they are being savagely cut back by this government. Housing is one which we need particular attention paid to it. We have a huge housing shortage that is only going to get worse. We need the council to take a strategic approach to addressing it, something they are not doing at the moment.

  2. Sarah-Jane Shepherd says:

    I live in the Dublin 15 area and all I’m ever see is bad news about the place I need to move and tarting to find some were is hard enough at the minute I’m lucky to have some were to call home but I need to move a las problems with the place and don’t want my child to be getting sick

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