Inglewood Traffic Issues to be Raised with Fingal County Council and Gardaí

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative has pledged to raise the issue of speeding cars in Inglewood with Fingal County Council and the local Gardaí.

Mr Donnelly said:

“Whilst I was canvassing in Inglewood, Clonsilla last evening, the very serious issue of speeding cars through the estate was brought to my attention. Many parents are very concerned as there are many more children in the estate than in previous years. They have relayed deep concerns that if cars don’t slow down that a child will be seriously injured or worse”.

“I have committed to ensuring that some measures are taken to help slow the traffic down, in the first instance I will be putting out a letter to the community in Inglewood asking everyone to be very concious of children whilst driving in the estate and to slow down. I will also consult with Fingal County Council operations and the Gardaí to ascertain what other measures can be put in place to slow cars down”.

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