Minister Challenged over Housing Crisis

Minister for housing Jan O’Sullivan was challenged by Sinn Féin and local residents over the current crisis in housing.

Many of the residents whilst happy with the provision of insulation they are deeply frustrated with the condition of many of the windows and doors in the community, many others were deeply frustrated because they have been waiting for up to 8 years on the housing list awaiting.

Sinn Féin have siad there are choices to be made and the current Labour and Fine Gael government are making clear choices to diminish and downgrade social housing. We have made a clear economic and social case for the provision of a massive social housing repair and building scheme using the Natonal Pension Reserve Fund, the European Investment Bank and also to incentivise the billions of euro tied up in private pensions funds.

The people of Corduff are rightly angered at the use of their community for a photo shoot by a Labour Minister who at the same time is defending massive cuts for the same community.


  1. elizabeth dillon says:

    hi,im just writing about my windows,im living in dromheath drive in mulhuddart,i had been on to the council bout 5 yrs ago and they told me there was no funding maybe in the near future ,i contacted them last month twice ,the inspector finally came out to look at them and said someone will be out to putty them but thats not going to do it they are rotton ,the kids window is been held by tacks they wont close properly and it was a waste of time insulating my house because the house is freezing,i have four kids and the 2 smallest have broncolittis and are on 2 inhalers each,i was just wondering is there anything you could do for me please,thank you elizabeth

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