“Minister Varadkar’s arrogance typical of this Government”- Councillor Natalie Treacy

Sinn Féin councillor Natalie Treacy has called Minister Varadkar’s comments regarding water charge protesters as, “arrogant, obnoxious and out of touch.”

“Leo Varadkar is a TD for Dublin West, or at least some of Dublin West, it seems very clear to me that working class people don’t matter to Minister Varadkar.

His own commentary in the Irish Times says it all “As a member of a party I feel represents middle Ireland, why should we have to pay higher taxes for water when others will be paying nothing?”

Does that mean that the working class should bear the brunt of all new taxation measures?  Does that mean that ordinary people in Fortlawn, Sheepmoor, Whitestown and Corduff should go hungry over Christmas so that they can pay their water charges?

Sinn Féin have offered a very clear alternative to the government’s budgetary measures, tax the highest earners more, not the lowest, Budget 2015 saw the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I would ask Minister Varadkar to stop leafleting working class estates and start knocking on their doors and face the shameful conditions his government has imposed on people.

If the Minister really believes in what his government is doing, and really finds his own performance acceptable, then I challenge him and his government to call a general election, let the people decide”


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