PD GazetteDublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly has called on the Minster for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar to directly intervene in the Parnell estate where families face eviction from state owned properties.

Cllr Donnelly said “I have been informed by Blanchardstown/Dublin 15 citizens Advice group that families are at risk of homelessness in properties rented out privately by Paula Barret properties on behalf of Fingal County Council.

“Under Department of Environment rules they are not allowed to avail of social housing supports if they have lost their jobs”

“I first raised the issue of a private company renting out unsalable affordable housing stock in Parnell at full market rates over a year ago. I was shocked that Fingal County Council had 161 properties left over from the crash and that the council was prevented from renting these out to social tenants or that those who could not afford the full market payments due to termination of employment could not avail of social protection.

“It is shocking that we now have families at risk of losing their homes in the midst of a housing crisis because of bureaucracy. These 161 properties are state owned houses and apartments”.

“I will be contacting Minister Varadkar immediately to ascertain how we can resolve this situation and to ensure that any of the 161 tenants can avail of social housing supports if required”.