Sinn Fein Councillor Paul Donnelly has written to the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and receivers acting on their behalf to request that they allow a Dublin 15 GAA club to remain on their home ground in Tyrrelstown.

Councillor Donnelly said “I put forward a motion to our local area council meeting in February calling for NAMA to allow Tyrrelstown GAA to remain on the lands at the nearby Tyrrelstown Town centre.

Tyrrelstown GAA and the community of Tyrrelstown have been very badly let down by both the developers and Fingal County Council over the years although it must be acknowledged that there has been significant progress with sports facilities in terms of the all weather pitch and new football, GAA and cricket pitches.

The Tyrrelstown GAA Club have been trying valiantly to promote gaelic games in a very culturally diverse community. They have enjoyed great success in growing and developing, however they need a home and a space to build their own clubhouse and their own pitch. This land is perfectly situated for this purpose.

NAMA has an obligation to the community and also has a corporate responsibility to use its resources for the good of communities. This is the very essence of community and social good.

NAMA must demonstrate to this community that it knows and appreciates the value of community and that the value of the land is not always given priority in making decisions to dispose of properties and lands under their control.

I am calling on NAMA to very clearly and quickly reassure the community and Tyrrelstown GAA that they will not be evicted from their home ground.”

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