New proposals for tackling the scourge of Scramblers and quads in our communities lack an understanding of the problem

Deputy Paul Donnelly Sinn Féin TD for Dublin West, has said that the proposals by The Minister of State for Law Reform, James Browne  and Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, who announced a new community-based response to the misuse of scramblers and quad bikes exposes a lack of an overall understanding of the problem of quads and scramblers in our communities.


Teachta Donnelly said “ Whilst it is welcome that there is an attempt by the government to tackle this scourge in our communities, There is a serious lack of a clear understanding of the problem and no clear coordinated strategy and nor does there appear to be any extra funding to the Garda Youth Diversionary Projects, tasked with administering this proposal. The budgets of GYDP’s are already at breaking point and unable to meet the needs of young people in the community. We must have extra funding for GYDP’s, not a redistribution of existing funding.


These proposals call for young people engaged in this activity to be supported to handle these bikes, to repair and maintain them however without a track, where do they go?


There is a huge problem of a lack of tracks for those who use scramblers and quads. There are no council sponsored tracks and the private sites that are up and running find that insurance is a critical issue.


I can see no clear strategy in relation to those who will refuse to enter these programmes.  Where is the commitment by Minister Mc Entee to fund a new, highly trained, well equipped and resourced Garda Scrambler unit, like those established in Britain?


The are several strands to effectively tackling the scourge of scramblers and quads in our communities but without that clear, coherent strategy these proposals will only make a small dent in tackling the problem, if any at all.


We need a dedicated specialist Garda unit to take those, who refuse to engage with the supports, off the streets and out of our parks and open spaces.


We must have the legislation that will ban them from our parks and open spaces enacted, I and my Sinn Féin colleagues have produced legislation that is ready to go immediately.



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