Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly has criticised the building contractors of the new school site in Barnwell, Ongar for the unacceptable noise levels that are seriously disturbing the lives of the people living adjacent the site.


Cllr Donnelly said “I have received complaints over the past number of weeks from residents adjacent the site whose lives have been disrupted by the level of noise from the site of the new educate together school in Ongar. The residents are anxious to point out that they have no problems at all with the planning conditions that were clearly laid out for the work to start at 7am and finish at 7pm, however the work has gone on as late as mid night with heavy machinery moving around the site causing a huge disturbance for the local residents.

“Although I am pleased that the request to move a huge generator that caused constant noise has been agreed with immediate effect, I am disappointed that it has taken so long and then only when the people insisted on adherence to the planning conditions.

“I also welcome the most recent news that Fingal County Council environmental enforcement section are to install noise monitors at the site of the new school in Barnwell after my representations and following complaints from residents and that a meeting will take place this coming Tuesday with FCC officials, the contractors and local residents.

“I look forward to the contractors fulfilling their planning obligations to the community and that in the final months of the build that there will be no out of hours noise pollution. unnamed

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