Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly has said that residents and businesses in Ongar village face a lengthy wait for repairs to be carried out to rapidly deteriorating paths and road ramps.PD Gazette

Cllr Donnelly said “following representations from residents, I have been disappointed to hear that negotiations with the English insurers of the developers bonds have not been proceeding well”.

“I have been informed that this will be a lengthy process with likely legal action being taken to try to get the multi million euro bond honoured”.

“Neither the Ongar Village Management company nor Fingal County are taking any responsibility for the very poor condition of the pathways and ramps”.

“Although pressure is being put on the receiver by Fingal County Council officials, they appear to be dragging their heels”.

“This is unacceptable for the local businesses and the local community who are faced with a deteriorating village pathway and road infrastructure”.

“It is inevitable that people will stop walking into Ongar village with their children as some have already had accidents tripping over the deteriorating ramps”.

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