Council seeking views on adjustment of Local Property Tax rate in Fingal


Fingal County Council is inviting members of the public to make submissions on the potential adjustment of the Local Property Tax rate that applies in Fingal so that a report can be prepared for Councillors who will vote on the issue this coming September.  Under the Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012, Fingal Councillors can increase or decrease the rate of local Property Tax in Fingal by up to 15% or, leave it unaltered, a variation known as the local adjustment factor.


“Under the Local Property Tax legislation, Fingal County Council must ask the public for their opinions and views before we as Councillors vote on this important issue”. “The Council would like to hear what people think the potential effects of varying the basic rate of the Local Property Tax will be on households, individuals, businesses and on Council services”.  The Chief Executive will provide a summary of the written submissions in a report to the Councillors for the meeting in September.


In making their decision on whether or not to vary the rate, the Fingal County Councillors Members will consider the following:


  • ·         Estimated Income and Expenditure for the Council in 2015
  • ·         Financial Position of Fingal County Council at present
  • ·         Estimated Financial effect of the varied rate in 2015
  • ·         Feedback from the Public Consultation


“Local Property Tax collected in Fingal will contribute towards the cost of providing a range of local Council services including libraries, public lighting, road maintenance, housing, fire services, sport and recreational facilities, planning services, pollution control, community initiatives, litter management, beach management and economic/tourism development initiatives”, explained Paul Reid, Chief Executive of Fingal County Council.


“If the rate is reduced and if funding is not available to replace this reduction, the reduced level of income available to the Council will limit the range and extent of services and supports that can be provided in 2015”, the Chief Executive continued. “If the rate is increased, then an increased level of income available to the Council will increase the capacity to deliver services and supports in 2015”, he said.


Submissions on the LPT local adjustment factor should be submitted no later than 25th August 2014, including your name and address, by email or by post to: LPT submissions, Finance Department, County Hall, Swords, Co. Dublin

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