rapid build homesDublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly has said that the presentation of the rapid build housing in Wellview has left many many questions still unanswered.
Cllr Donnelly said “Despite the presentation by the Fingal County Council, many questions are still left unanswered despite the fact that this has been planned for some months”.
“Firstly, I think it’s incredible we are moving forward with this housing without knowing the costs, with millions of citizens money being spent, we do not know what these will cost in relation to a traditional brick built home”.
“We are constantly being lectured by officialdom about “value for money” yet we are planning on building homes that will depreciate from the day they are built and will deteriorate as they only have a lifespan of a maximum of 65 years”
“I understand and empathise with local people in Wellview, despite being told that Avondale would be the last social housing estate being built in their community now have another estate added on to their community with no community gain”.
“Residential sites are a real issue in our community in Mulhuddart, NAMA is the large white elephant in the room with massive land banks. It seems though that only foreign vulture funds need apply”. Local Authorities and the Government need to ensure that all avenues in relation to NAMA sites are followed up on”.
“Another serious issue which I intend to follow up on is the temporary nature of the accommodation offered to homeless families”.
This is of a deep concern not only to residents in Wellview but also perhaps more significantly for the families who will be settled in these homes for some time, possible years.
“The temporary nature of the tenancy will not help either the families or the community to set down roots, develop a community network, children to develop friendships, settling in new schools. clubs and sports. Tenants must be given the right to stay if they wish”.
“Finally, I would like to note that the road opening must be changed on Wellview Green. The residents on this must be assured that there road will not become a rat run for traffic from this development”.
“The Sinn Féin team in Dublin West have consistently said that we will not oppose any social housing that will help alleviate the current crisis however we will ensure the concerns we have are dealt with”.

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