Road Ramps Seriously Deteriorating Throughout Blanchardstown

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has raised the issue of the very poor and potentially dangerous conditions of many road ramps in Dublin West.

Mr. Donnelly said “I have raised this issue at last evening’s Safer Blanchardstown Forum board meeting and also directly to Fingal county council. The “red brick style” ramp has rapidly deteriorated throughout Dublin West and many are now in a very dangerous condition. I have been contacted by many residents who use the Blakestown road in particular and who are fearful that an accident will occur, especially if a cyclist hits one of the ramps and get knocked over in to the path of a car or truck. They are also concerned about the damage that is being done to their vehicles”.

“I am calling on the council to immediately either remove or repair the ramps and to investigate the possibility of claiming back the public money spent on them from the contractors who put them down”.

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