Dublin West Sinn Fein TD Paul Donnelly and his colleague Cllr Aaron O Rourke has called the proposed Part V lease scheme for 159 Units in Hansfield a scandalous waste of money.

“Fingal County Council plans to lease 159 units in Hansfield SDZ under the Part V scheme will cost  between €60m and €74 million, we don’t know that real figures because this is shrouded in secrecy and we have found it impossible to get actual figures for this scheme.

“The council are preparing to sign a contract with a private developer for 159 units at a potential cost of over €384k for a 25-year lease on a 1 bed unit and a potential cost of €438K on a two-bed unit.

“It must be noted that Fingal County Council only recently announced its own affordable housing scheme, with a 1 bed unit costed at €166K. It seems that Fingal are willing to sign this deal that will see a leased unit costing two and a half times the affordable housing unit.

“I find it astonishing that the council can support the spending of upwards of €74m for this deal, yet we have the Church Fields development that was announced in 2017 and as of yet we have only a handful of houses actually delivered.

“We have submitted further questions to Fingal County Council and to the Minister for housing, Darragh O Brien to ask how this deal would fulfil the regulations in relation to Part V units in private developments.


The Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000 guidelines act states clearly “As units leased may revert to the developer at the end of the lease period, and hence be removed from the local authority’s social housing stock, the aims of Part V, and of the Government’s social housing policy, will be better achieved by the acquisition of houses, rather than leasing. Accordingly, it is recommended that where capital funding is available, including through AHBs, the local authority should seek the acquisition of houses on the development site”.


There is also the potential that we could have 159 families and individuals being forced to move after 25 years if the developer does not renew the lease.

There is no guarantee that the housing crisis will be resolved by then, past experiences have shown that neither Fianna Fail nor Fine Gael have the will to tackle this housing crisis.

I am urging all Fingal County Councillors to oppose this deal and ask for Fingal County Council CE Ann Marie Farrelly to immediately scrap this bad deal for Fingal.

“It is essential that there is an immediate stop put to any attempt to sign this deal, it is a bad deal for taxpayers and it’s a bad deal for tenants.


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