Sinn Féin team fully support “Keep Porterstown Road Open” campaign

NATALIE-PROFILE-PICSinn Féin team to publish a letter to each resident in the area to publicly acknowledge our continued support for the campaign against the closure of the Porterstown Road.

Further to the meeting in St Mochta’s national School on the 25th November 2013 in relation to the proposed closure of the Porterstown road at the railway bridge, We would like to publicly confirm the Sinn Féin team of representative’s support for the residents in opposition to the proposal to close the road and create two cul de sacs.

We agree fully that there would be huge traffic problems which will only exacerbate the already existing traffic difficulties for residents in the morning and late afternoon. It will also potentially create a new site for illegal dumping, something which is already an issue for the residents of the road.

It will cut the community in two and as was stated by the action group, further marginalise the community in St Brigid’s close traveller’s site and cut them off from the community and its facilities in Clonsilla.

We welcome the commitment from many of the local elected representatives to support the residents however we would caution the residents to also contact those who have declared their intention to seek election in May 2014. As there will be at least 7 new councillors in the local area after the election, its vital their commitment is also sought.

Finally, we would also urge the residents to ensure those sitting and prospective Cllrs commit not only to the upcoming vote on this issue but also any subsequent attempt  by Iarnród  Éireann to close the road.


“We pledge our support to Keep Porterstown Road Open campaign and if elected next May to Fingal County Council, we pledge to oppose any subsequent attempts to close the road by Iarnród Éireann”. 

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