Dublin West Sinn Féin TD Paul Donnelly has raised his concern about reports of a huge increase in fireworks throughout Dublin 15.

Teachta Donnelly said,

“I was out walking my dog last night and could see fireworks being let off in Corduff and Mulhuddart for a solid hour.

It’s something I haven’t seen for some years as it’s very early for the “Halloween fireworks season”.

Many older and vulnerable people are frightened by the noise and it also has an effect on household pets and animals.

I’d ask parents to please talk to their kids and teenagers about the dangers of fireworks.

In one incident last evening in Ongar, it was reported that children were putting fireworks under cars and on windscreens, this could have led to serious damage.

In another incident fireworks were posted through a letterbox and narrowly missed a 3-year-old toddler

In Fortlawn, Sheepmoor and Woodvale , people contacted me during this week to say are fed up with the constant noise late into the night when they are trying to get kids to bed for school and there are adults who need to be up early for work.”

Fireworks are not toys and children and young people should not have them. Many young people have been scarred for life and have lost limbs due to using fireworks.

Sale of fireworks is illegal, if you know where they are being sold please contact your local Gardai

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