Tolka Valley rubbish

Dublin West representative Paul Donnelly has welcomed the action to cut back and trim the bushes and undergrowth and the Garda action in the Tolka Valley at Castlecurragh and Corduff.

 Mr Donnelly said “I have made strong representations to Fingal county council and the Gardaí over the past number of months about the Tolka Valley park along the Castlecurragh and Corduff sections. There have been a number of serious incidents and attacks along with gangs drinking and leaving the area in a complete mess of cans, bottles and other rubbish.

 ”I made the point that due to a lack of maintenance, there were a number of “blind spots” along the pathways that prevented people from seeing what was coming up in front of them. This created a very dangerous situation for genuine users of the park, particularly women, who at times told me they walked straight into the middle of a gang of men drinking heavily, leaving them very vulnerable.

“I welcome Fingal County Councils pledge to bring forward their plans to cut back the hedges, bushes and undergrowth to eliminate those blind spots. I also welcome the Gardaí recent announcement that several people have been arrested in the valley for criminal behaviour and that further patrols would be taking place over the coming weeks and months.


“The Tolka Valley is an excellent community resource and all actions must be taken more speedily into the future to ensure its continued enjoyment by the community.

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