Tolka Valley Needs a Safety Review After Incident with Drunken Gang

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Paul Donnelly has called for a review of community safety in the Tolka Valley Park after a serious incident when a Castlecurragh resident was accosted by a drunken gang of men. There was also a significant number of people again drinking alcohol in the valley again last Sunday.

Mr Donnelly said:

“I was contacted this week by a young woman from the Castlecurragh area who was subject to a terrifying incident by a drunken gang in the Tolka Valley. During my walkabout in the park with the woman, she showed me the spot where the incident took place.”

“I was shocked at the amount of alcohol cans and bottles of spirits that were discarded all around the spot where she was accosted and leered at. She said that one man even tried to grab her. She managed to get away by shouting at them that she had called the Gardaí and pushed her way past them.”

“I have raised this incident with the Gardaí who have said that they are taking this incident very seriously and have upgraded their patrol’s in the Tolka Valley.”

“I have written also to Fingal County Council to request that they immediately cut back shrubbery and weeds that is creating cover for the gangs and also to look at how the “hotspots” in the Valley that are being used for illegal drinking and anti social behaviour are managed.”

“Our parks throughout Dublin West have seen massive investment by Fingal County Council and they must be applauded for such works, however, if the issue is not addressed effectively and on-going cleaning, monitoring and security are not addressed fully then they will become no go areas for the community and women in particular.”

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