Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Donnelly believes that voters will have a simple choice to make between left and right at the next general election. Cllr. Donnelly made his remarks as Fianna Fáil prepared to announce their candidate for the Dublin West constituency this evening.

Commenting, Councillor Donnelly said:

“It makes absolutely no difference who Fianna Fáil chooses to be their agent of austerity at the next general election. They have common cause with Fine Gael in that they are both right-wing parties.  What does however make sense is that both parties end their phony war and the pretence that they wouldn’t coalesce with each other.  There is absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t. They should just kiss and make up. There is a cigarette paper between them in terms of policy.”

“Voters have a very real choice between left and right at the next election. A choice between the politics of fairness and equality and the politics of greed and austerity espoused by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.  Voting for either party is a vote to maintain the status quo. What we are seeing from recent opinion polls is that people want change.  Sinn Féin can provide that alternative.”

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